Midnight Thoughts

Who says heros are super?

A woman who stands strong even after bleeding every month.

That’s a superhero.

We give life

We nurture life

And yet you think we aren’t enough…

Maybe for you we will be never enough.

Maybe it’s not about us anymore, not how strong and brave we are

But inability to fix the broken parts in your heart.

Fix this and you will see us sunshine in your eyes.

Midnight thoughts

Do you feel like you’re never enough?

I did my best but always there is something missing

Failing you think, you will do better next time. But its never enough..

You get shouted, cursed, abused on things you never thought about.

Is this fair ?

To be cursed to go to hell or die far away ?

All you wanted was to help, but no one understands.

They take it the wrong way and blame you for things you never knew existed.

You feel helpless and wonder what did I do wrong.

I never knew I was so wrong for them. Why did I exist if I couldn’t be worth your kind.

Midnight thoughts

Here I am waiting for your eyes to reach mine.

Everytime I have my faded smile, your mere touch makes it fine.

Your smile makes my heart swell.

Beautiful things, Never I had the courage to tell.

I never knew I had such an impossible dream

To make you feel my heart

I stare at the moon and stars, thinking of you as they seem

You seem far away yet we never would be apart

My love, You don’t know me yet but I still feel your love.

Never I would hurt you, tears dying with a flying dove.

You smile, You make me beautiful from within.

I would never let this go, with every word you say, every battle I will win.

The escort – 12

Keep calm Kel. Keep calm. You can face him. I never slept. I sat on the bed with my legs criss cross. Will stayed up as much as he could but then drifted to sleep. He slept side of me, I looked over to him. I smiled. Max Sternwall. I need to meet the public prosecutor. I had answers no one else did. I knew Max since childhood. I remember secrets he never thought I would remember till now. All this while, 28 years? I still felt his hands on me. I still felt his dirty cock in my hands. I still felt his mouth on me. I shivered, sitting in dark. I gripped my arms across my chest. I closed my eyes.

“No…No.. Please.. Let me go… Please… Please uncle Max.. Please let me go…Dad!!!”

“There…There.. It’s alright.. It is almost over. Just do as I say.. And I will let you go..Look at me.. I said look at me!” I shivered, looking in his eyes. Crying, whimpering.

” Do as I say and I will let you go.” His voice echoed in my head.

I Jolted up and grasped for air. I was getting no air. I needed some air. I grabbed my throat trying to breathe. ” Ahhh…I need air…”

I walked towards the bathroom and closed the door behind me. I looked myself at the mirror, I saw me as a 10 year old.

“Help me Kel.. Help me Please.” Her dress torn, her hair wet. Red Finger Marks on her neck and chest. Her lip torn from the side. I shivered. I reached out to the mirror to touch her cheeks. Wiping her tears. She disappeared. It was me again.. I started crying. Tears rolling down my cheeks.

“I will help you.. I will help you… Never again he will touch you..” I slowly fell on my knees bringing my hands to my face.

“Oh god…. Please help me… Please help me to face him… Please help to see past him.. the things he done.. I need to you help me.. Please god.” I sobbed on the cold floor. Laying with my knees clutched to my chest. I wrapped them tight.

“You will never hurt any girl Max. I will never let you. I will never let you get out of that goddamn jail for rest of your life.” I choked on my sobs. I laid there for awhile when I walked over to the shower and stood under the cold water rushing on me. I was fully clothed. I sat there.. feeling the cold water on my body. I felt his dirty hands on me fading..

I heard a Knock. It was Will.

“Kell… You okay ?” He said with a whisper

“Hmm.. I’m fine.” I said while closing my eyes.

Will came in and stood ahead. He knelt front of me. He looked sadly. He turned the shower nob. I was shivering.

“Comon.. lets go to bed.” He picked me up bridal style while I rested my face on his shoulder. I was soaking wet. He placed me on the bed and walked over to bring a towel.

“May I ?” He asked looking at me.

“Hmm..” I said nodding. He pulled my T-shirt above my head softly, then my pajamas. He never stared at me. He gently wiped my shoulders, lowering to my chest, touching my breasts. No body has touched me there for a long time. I sighed. He looked away.

“It’s alright..” I said while touching his arm. He looked at me. He took the towel again.. wiping me from my breasts to my stomach, then my torso. I kept my eyes on him. He never faltered. He never stared. He never made me feel uneasy. He wiped me softly, gently.

He saw my faded scars on my chest and my breasts. “Is that….” he said looking at it while running his fingers on it. I breathed hard. There was a sudden electricity felt on me. He sensed it. He took his hand away.

“I am sorry..” He looked down.

“Yes.” I said looking at him, not denying him. “These scars are his. He gave it to me. There are more..” I said under my breath.

He pulled the covers lower and saw the scars on my inner thighs.. He was breathing shallow breaths. He touched them softly with his fingers.. I breathed deeply. No one ever touched me like that. He wiped my legs, then my thighs.. reaching upper. He stopped. He looked at me, while my eyes were always at him.

“You should sleep..” He pulled the covers on me and laid me down. He caressed my cheek softly.

“These scars are not his.. these are a reminders of how strong and brave you are. You should look at them with pride not with guilt..” He whispered. I was lost in his eyes. I never felt someone cared for me. I never felt someone who loved me so much. Even though I had decided to end my friendship with him before it gets overboard. I couldn’t control it anymore. I had controlled it for 8 years.. I couldn’t anymore.. Not tonight..

I leaned up with the support of my elbows. We looked at each other.. I leaned up further.. merely inches from his lips. He didn’t move.

I licked his bottom lip.. He breathed hard. His hand touched my cheek softly..I leaned a bit away. He leaned in, I licked his lip again, he closed his eyes. His hand over my neck grew tighter. Our lips merely inches away played in the air, I teased him until he couldn’t take it anymore. He kissed my upper lip. I brought my hand towards his chest. His heart was pounding.

I licked his lip for entrance, He allowed me. Our tongues touched each other, sucking in pleasure. It grew shivers down my shine. He felt it too. I brought my hands towards his neck, sitting on him. In a rush, I felt his lips on my neck. He trailed kisses on my jaw, lower to my collar bone.

I moaned softly. I leaned down, reaching for his lips. Our lips met, running like electricity. We both moaned in each others mouths while sitting up.

“Ahhh.. Will.. Don’t stop..” I moaned softly.

“You sure?” He asked pulling away, kissing me shortly after. We kissed deeply, my arms clutching on his shoulder to balance myself. I felt his hard on on me. It aroused me, I was grasping for air. There was so much heat among us. I brought his hand from my waist to my chest, to my heart. It was pounding hard. His eyes confused, looked at his hand over mine on my chest. He looked at me back.

“That’s your answer..” I said kissing his cheek, trailing down to his ear lobe. He shivered. I looked at him, he smiled. He placed me back on the bed, hovering over me. I placed my hands over his neck pulling him closer.. My legs locked at his waist. He teased me, grinding me while kissing my breasts..

“Ahh.. Hmm..” I breathed. He ran his fingers on my chest.. on my marks.. he kissed them softly. I shuttered. He kissed my nipples. I clutched on his hair harder. I moaned deeply, bringing his mouth back to mine. I wanted him. Now. I kissed him deeply. I touched every part of his mouth. I brought my mouth to his neck, nibbling it softly. Trailing down his collar bone then to his chest, kissing his nipples. He lost control. He brought me back in position, kissing me hard.

He took his palm to his mouth, licking it then to his member, I looked at him lustfully. I licked his bottom lip again.. He slowly thrusted in me. “God!” I shivered at the pain then at the pleasure. I never felt like this in a long time.

“Ahh God!” I moaned while he continued to thrust slowly in me. He breathed hard against the corner of my mouth. He kept his hand on my sides of my head. Capturing me.. I dug my nails deeper in him. He continued his pace, while the room was filled with our heat and moans.

“Fuck…” He said under my neck, kissing me. He didn’t stop, neither did I. I didn’t want him to stop. We felt complete. I felt complete after a very long time. We were connected. I never felt so whole. I felt his heart on me. He was mine. All mine. At least for tonight. And I was his. He thrusted harder, He continued to thrust in me faster, while I lost control and grabbed the bedding. Curling my toes. I was close.

“God.. I am gonna..” I bit on his shoulder, over coming the pleasure. “Me too..” He whispered kissing my lips again deeply.

“Ahh.. Fuck…” He moaned under my neck, while I grabbed him tighter by my arms. We came in unison. I grasped for air, while I clutched his body close to mine.. We breathed hard, tired in each other sweats. He slowly fell on me, trembling. I caressed his hair softly.. I took deep breathes. He started kissing me on my neck, bringing up to my cheek, then to my lips, He kissed me softly.

“I love you” he said while smiling on my lips, kissing me. I didn’t say it back. I couldn’t. I smiled instead touching his cheek.

After awhile, I was laying on my stomach while Will was running his fingers on my back. His head was resting on his popped up arm, looking at me. We were in long silence. A comfortable silence.

“What you thinking…” He said looking at me, playing his fingers with my hair.

“I need to meet her lawyer..” I said softly, narrowing my eyes

“The girl’s ?” He asked softly

“Yea.. I have answers which will strengthen the case. I was a victim before and I knew him practically my whole life. I can help and I don’t want him to hurt any one again..” I said teary.

He looked at me with empathy. He leaned down and kissed on my forehead. “Let’s meet him tomorrow..” He smiled.

“Hmm..” I nodded

He brought arm around me and I laid my head on his chest. I placed my arms around him. I closed my eyes, drifting to sleep in Will’s arms. I felt safe.

I am never letting Max go free. Never.  

The Escort – 11

Kelly Pov

Will was out for the whole day. I went home and took a shower, I took an off from work and cooked some food for Will. I was in the hospital in a short period of time. Will was still out.

I looked at him for long, I caressed his cheek. The only constant thing in my life right now was Will. Did I have the guts to love him ? I knew he had gone for dates and I knew I loved him as a friend. But I stopped myself every time I felt feelings for him, what if he said no or what if this won’t last. I would lose my only family forever. And I couldn’t bear it. I would be alone. I didn’t want to be. I knew it won’t last. We need to touch our love more than anything else. If that’s not possible, how would it last ?

I couldn’t give him that.. And I knew it. I needed to let him go. I can’t keep him hanging in with me. I can’t let him touch me the way I loved. I can’t let him hold me the way I felt like I was his. I couldn’t kiss him. I couldn’t hurt him. I can’t anymore.

I held his hand with mine, I caressed his hand gently. He opened his eyes slowly.

“Hey…” I said while touching his cheek softly. He smiled.

“How you feeling ?” I asked

He nodded slowly.. “Okay.. How long was I out ?” He asked me

“Two years..” I said looking at him.

“What!!” He shouted waking up the other patient, the relative shushed us.

I shifted to my right.. “Sorry..”

I snapped his arm.

“What the fuck! You don’t have to scream..” I said while he winced in pain.

“Ouch! It still hurts! Two years !?” He looked at me with wide eyes, I laughed and caressed his arm.

“Sorry… You’re cute. Are you fucking dumb.. I was just playing with you.. Just the whole day. Today. But you’re look was to die for!” I said while bursting into laughter

“Don’t fucking do that!” He said frowning in anger

“Okay okay.. I am sorry.. But seriously.. How are you ?” I said touching his hand while sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Never better…” He smiled wide. I smiled at him.

After few days, Will was back to normal. He continued his work, so did I. But some things wandered my mind. I was flipping through the pages, ingrossed in thinking something else. My attention was not on my work. I was falling for Will. I always did. But I couldn’t let him be punished for my flaws. He needed a happy life. He couldn’t wait or be with me for rest of his life. It isn’t fair. 8 years is long enough.

My phone started ringing suddenly, bringing me back to my office cabin. I looked at it. It was Will. He just brought smile on my face.

“Hello Handsome.” I said smiling.

“Hey..” He said nervously. I sensed his nervousness and his fear.

“Will.. What is it.” I asked while my smile fading away.

“I don’t think you have seen it..” He said softly.

” Seen what Will..” I asked him feeling uneasy.

“He has done it again Kel…There is court hearing.” He said slowly nervously

“Who Will….” I asked being anxious.

“Max Sternwall” He said in one breath

I froze. Max Sternwall. The man who destroyed my life. The man who molested and took advantage of me for weeks. The man who was my dad’s best friend. The man who I trusted like my father. The man who disgusted me. The man made me feel miserable. The man who made me do things, disgusting things. The man who came in my dreams and haunted me for years. The man who ruined my life. I was Ten. A small girl who knew nothing. He ruined any chance of me having a perfect life. He was the reason I grew cold. He was the reason I was alone. He was the reason I ran from love and touch. I breathed hard with tears rolling down. Anger grew on me. My cheeks started getting warmer. He did it again. He is fucking monster.

“How old ?” I asked coldly

“She was 8 years old.” He said breathing deeply. I froze.

“Umm…Kel..He raped her.” He said softly, slowly with fear.

“What!” I shouted loudly. I stood up in anger. Dix came in.

“What’s wrong ?” She asked being worried.

I shook my head. I gestured her to go out. She left.

“He raped her….?” I asked choking. Shivers ran down my spine.

“Hmm” he said softly… “Kel. I am coming home. You need to come home. I will there. Please. Don’t worry. Just come home.”

“She was 8 years old Will.. 8….Wjat did she even know…Fuck…..” I fell on my chair, feeling limp. Crying and breaking down. I sobbed on the phone remembering the torture he gave me.

“Kel…Please…Stop crying. Come home. I will be there in 10. Now Kel. Get up. I will call Dix. She will take care of everything. Please listen to me…come home. Come to me. Babe…” He said softly calmly

I calmed down. “Hmm” I nodded and got up.

I asked Dix to take care of everything, she already received a call from Will. I drove home. All the way, I was thinking, was that 7 years even worth for a monster like that ? He molested me and he got 7 years. Today he raped a 8 year old, he might get 14 years. Next time, he will kill someone. This will never stop. He had no right to be released. He had no right!!! I tighten my grip on the stirring wheel and slapped it hard.

Noooo!!!!!!! I screamed in anger.

“No No….No…” I cried, “No…” I parked my car and sat in the car. Sobbing. I saw my phone ringing the whole way. It was Will. I didn’t pick it up. I placed my hands on my face, covering it. Closing my eyes, Max came in front of me. I wiped my eyes forcefully. I was angry. I was fucking angry. I picked up my bag and walked out of my car. I opened my door few minutes later, just realising Will running towards me and hugging me tight.

“God.. Where were you..I called you thousand times..” He whispered in my ears, embracing me. I remained silent. He pulled back. Touching my cheek, he saw my red cheeks. I looked at him in his eyes.

“Are you okay?” He asked placing his arms on my shoulders.

“When is the court date ? I want to stand. I am not letting that fucking asshole get out of jail.” I said staring into his eyes with anger..Will knew there was nothing to stop me. I wanted to see him. I wanted to see his fucking face when he would be sentenced and this time I won’t be scared.

I will fucking make him pay.

The Escort – 10

Kelly POV

It had been two years, Will finished his Education degree and was teaching at the University. Everyone knew him there and they knew me as well. I would drop by his room to talk to him most often. I was getting awfully unhappy with my job. It didn’t interest me anymore, It didn’t excite me. I did it for obvious reasons. Money.

I had started taking guitar lessons to wander my mind off and started travelling often. Will noticed my behaviour and would tell me to quit and do something I liked. Which I had no idea. I was working for 10 years non – stop and it drained me. Dix was my only colleague who comforted me and I loved her. This wasn’t bad enough, that Dix was getting retired next year. My heart just sank. She wanted to spend some quality time with her husband. I couldn’t deny her wish. I had no fucking idea how would I work in this exhausting place without her.. She was my anchor. She made me lighten up on the dullest day. I valued her like my Mom. She knew it but I denied keeping her with me. I wanted her to be happy. I wanted her to take rest.. She had worked enough.

We were sitting in my car and eating some take away from a local Chinese restaurant nearby. I picked up Will from the university. We went for a long drive. I didn’t want to go home. I drove for hours, saying nothing. He sensed it. With Dix leaving, my work making me unhappy and I having no control on my life. My world was spinning upside down. I haven’t had sex in a decade. My condition was no where near to improving. I was unmarried with no family. All I had was Will and I felt like I was distancing myself from him. I sighed deeply.

We were eating in silence, when Will wiped the corner of my lip.

“You eat so messy..” He said looking at me. I remained silent. He caressed my cheek. “What is it…” He asked looking at me.

“Dix is leaving… My work sucks. I haven’t made love in a decade and I have no family.” I said eating forcefully, stuffing my mouth with food. I was a compulsive emotional eater.

“You have me. I’m not family?” He asked looking at me with sad eyes.

“Oh common Will! this isn’t about you! Not everything is about you! You don’t have a fucking condition that creeps you out when ever anyone touches you! you have no fucking idea how it feels to be felt like piece of used trash! You have no idea how it feels to be fucking alone! He still fucking haunts me Will!! And he is out now! He is maybe fucking some poor girl any time now! Don’t you think I want a family too!? A husband, children of my own! I want that! But I can’t ! You can! You have everything you wanted in life! you have a job you like! You will have your own family soon! What about me!? I will be alone again!” I screamed at his face while I shoved the box below me and tears flowed down my hot cheeks.

I was fuming with anger. I harshly opened the door and started walking towards nowhere. I walked briskly until I came to dead end in a dark alley. I breathed heavily in anger. The heat was exploding my brains out. I was consumed with anger. I stared at the wall ahead of me and broke down crying. I scooted down on my knees and sobbed heavily. I brought my hands covering my face. I choked while crying. I sat there sobbing. Missing Mom..Missing Dad…Missing my family. I wanted them back. I missed them so much..I wish I could have them in my arms for one moment, I would trade anything.

I heard some footsteps behind me. I sensed it. I wiped my eyes and got up to leave. I turned and I saw some men surrounding me.

“What the fuck.. What .. Let me go. Now. Or I’ll call the cops.” I said warning them. They were four men, looked at me from top to bottom with a smirk.

“Well, I don’t think that’s gonna happen.” One of them said.

“What do you want.” I asked coldly

“What do you have ?” He said with a smirk

“Don’t fuck with me understand.” I said with anger. They started coming closer to me, my eyes widened.

“Stop right there.” I said shivering, taking few steps back. They caught hold of me and I struggled. I screamed for help.

“Help!!” I screamed while one of them silenced me with his hand. I started jostling and pushing them away from me. One of them held my arms behind me and the other held my waist. They were checking my pockets. I was screaming even while being covered. I struggled, begging for help.

In a sudden moment I felt someone punch the right guy. It was Will.

“Let her fucking go!” He shouted while punching the other guy. They others left me and surrounded Will. I took my phone and dialed the cops.

The were too many for him. They over took him and started kicking him hard on the ground. Fear creeped on me, I pushed them away from him.

” Don’t! Don’t! Don’t Hurt him!” I shouted while stopping them from hurting Will. I scooted towards him, shaking him. He was bleeding. “Hey! stop it!!!” I cried when they kicked him again.

“You want money? Huh? Take this! Take this! Take all of it! Leave him!” I screamed while taking Will in my arms. I threw my wallet, my watch and my phone. I threw everything valuable, I had on me. They picked it up and started walking away, while cursing. I cried caressing Will’s cheek.

“Will? Hey? Answer me?” I saw Will’s face in my arms. I cupped his cheeks.

“Baby…” I whispered crying, caressing his cheek softly.

“Please answer me.. I am so sorry…I am sorry…” I looked around, I wanted some help. No one was around. I looked at him weakly. I cried while touching his wounds. He winced. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled.

“I bet I could take them..” He chuckled. I saw him with anger.

“Why the fuck would you do that huh! I could have given them the money! Money is nothing! Why did you have to come and act like a fucking hero!!!?” I said shouted at him, grabbing him.

Because that’s what you do for family.” He said smiling at me.

Oh god… Will. I looked at him with tears in my eyes and pulled him to my chest. I broken down. Oh god what did I say to him…I am so sorry. I hugged him so tight. I pulled away and kissed him. Kissed him hard. I kissed him like I was gonna lose him. His lips so soft against mine. It was a very long time that I had kissed him. Our tongues intertwined. I couldn’t bear it, I wanted to kiss him. Our lips pressed together and I didn’t let him breath. I pulled away and placed my forehead on his.

“God.. Don’t ever do that! You have no fucking idea what would I have done If I lost you! After telling you every single time.. You still do it….” I said pulling his neck towards me. I kissed him again. He held my cheek and pulled me closer. I pulled away.

“You’re too important!! I can’t lose you okay ?” I said while crying, kissing him again and again. I hugged him tight like my life depended on it.

“You’re a fucking asshole!!!” I slapped on his back while hugging him tight. He chuckled. Cops arrived awhile later. We wrote a statement and I took Will to the hospital. The doctor took him in and treated him. I sat on the edge of his bed. I held his hand with mine. He looked at me and smiled. I sighed.

“This isn’t the first time you see…” He said softly.

I will fight thousand times, if I have to save you.” He said looking at me. I rolled my eyes.

“You should sleep..” I said looking at him. He smiled and nodded. I sat there looking at him with his hand in mine as he drifted to sleep. I looked at him, he was right.. This wasn’t the first time.

We were drunk. We were out celebrating his birthday. I wasn’t supposed to drink to this extent. But Will didn’t take a no for an answer. We hung on each other while I was waving for a taxi. I left my car at the club, I was no condition to drive. I planned to call for a taxi.

“Will.. Lets walk..I don’t think we would get a taxi at this hour…” I said sighing. We walked, talked and laughed for long until we were stopped by a Man. He wore all black and he creeped the shit out of me.

“Will…lets go back.” I whispered slowly. Will and I took a few steps back.. He caught hold of my hand. I was sacred.

“The watch.” He said in a cold voice.

“What?” He scoffed “No.” He replied to him anger.

He showed us the gun under his jacket. I widened my eyes. What the fuck. Is that a fucking gun !?

“Will! Give him the fucking watch.” I clutched his arm tightly while looking at the man, I was scared.

“Will!!!” I shook him harshly breaking his eye contact with the man

He looked at me. “No” he said while looking at me. What the hell. What the hell is he doing!?

“Will. He has a fucking gun. Give him the fucking watch.” I glared at him with cold voice.

“No. You gave me this watch. I am not giving it.” He said looking at him.

“Urgh!” I snapped. I pulled my watch out and handed it over to him.

“Take it. Leave us.” I said handing the watch to him, he just looked at me.

” Let me have it or I’ll shoot.” He said aiming.

“No! No! Stop! Wait! You can have everything!” I said while I pulled the watch out of Will’s hand harshly. He resisted but I wouldn’t back down. I removed my wallet and my phone. I placed it on the ground and put my hands up.

” That’s all we have. Leave us.” I said calmly in fear.

He stepped ahead and picked it up and started walking away.

“Fucking Pussy.” Will shouted back

What the fuck. What the hell Will. He is coming back! He turned back. I grew in fear. He walked towards us when I caught Wills arm and whispered “Run.” But he stood there frozen.

“Will cmon !!!” I pulled him but he didn’t budge. The man threw a hard punch on Will’s face and Will was bleeding.

“Noo! Please! Stop! Im sorry! Leave him!” I said while stopping him. They soon were fighting on the ground. I didn’t know what to do. He pulled out the gun, aiming at Will’s forehead. I panicked.

“Nooo!!! Please ! Please! Im sorry for him! Please!” I begged while kneeling front of him and crying. I pulled Will ahead in my arms.

“Please…Don’t. Look at me. Please. Don’t do this.” Will started off saying something.

” Shut the fuck up!” I shouted at him.

“Please Don’t.” I said looking into his eyes. He looked at me and punched Will for the ninth time, took the stuff and walked away..

I breathed deeply in relief. I rubbed my face. I was crying. Will sat up and cupped my cheek. I looked at him, anger grew on me. I slapped him hard. His face shifted to the left. He winced.

” I think I deserved that.” He said while touching his cheek. I shook my head and pulled him, placing my lips on his. His eyes widened and was in shock. I kissed him hard. I pulled away.

“What the fuck…Why would you do that.. Do you have any fucking idea what would happen…What would I do…That’s just a watch….What about you huh?Are you fucking crazy?” I said inches close, crying..

It took awhile for Will to process the kiss. “Ummmm…but that’s what you gifted me when I joined college for my PhD. It was a precious.” He said looking at me.

“I’ll fucking buy you 100. Do you understand me ? That wasn’t important…” I said cupping his cheeks.

It was important to me.” He said with sad eyes.

“Oh god Will…” I sighed while I kissed him softly again. Our lips met and he pulled me closer. We kissed for sometime when I calmed down. I pecked his lips for the last time.

“This is nothing compared to you… I love you.” I said placing my forehead on his. He clutched my arm.

“You still owe me a watch.” He said smirking.

I chuckled. “Oh god…what am I gonna do with you..” I said smiling while we helped each other to get up and started walk away.

“Btw you kissed me.” He said while he put his arm on my shoulder.

I remained silent. ” I don’t know..why I did that. I left like I was gonna lose you and it just happened I guess…You’re my best friend. And I was scared.” I confessed looking down.

He didn’t say anything.” I love you too.” He said while looking away.

I smiled.

“Next time, Please listen to me. Please don’t insist me on drinking. I am the driver when we go out. I don’t want to see a gun man again..” I said looking at him.

“Yes Ma’am” He said while smiling.

The Escort – 9

Kelly POV

As I was sitting on my desk, the day went like a quick wind. Meetings and Paperwork took my time and attention. But I was bored… So fucking bored. Will had been busy for few days, he had his exams and also was dating that restaurant girl. He hardly came home. Last few days, I came in dark empty house. No one was there to shout on, tell someone to make some dinner, have an argument or just cuddle. My nightmares didn’t come back, But I did have past flashes of memories. Good ones.. About dad.

I stared at my phone. Hmmm.. I dialed Will’s number.

Hi.. I said

Hey.. Wassup?

Umm.. Nothing? Bored as fuck. I sighed

Work ?

Loads.. But bored. I mumbled

How are the exams ? I asked

It is exhausting….He breathed hard. I knew he was stressed.

Why didn’t you call me? I asked him coldly

Just.. didn’t. He said slowly

Okay.. How is that girl you going out with ? I asked, pretending to be normal. Playing with my pen…

She is nice. Haven’t meet her for long. After our first date, I didn’t call her. I think after exams, I might call her. He said tiredly.

Okay I need to go.. You alright ? He asked

Yeah.. I am fine. Don’t worry. You’ll do good.. I said with a smile.

Thank you.. I love you. Bye. He said softly

Bye. I replied when I hanged up

Hmm… He was so exhausted. He doesn’t take care of himself. I know him. I knew he would just be at it even when he was tired. He might have not even made some dinner. I wore a smile. Okay, need to go for some shopping. I left early from office and asked Dix to settle any urgent matters. I drove to a supermarket and brought some supplies. I drove to his place and knocked. After few seconds, I saw an exhausted and sleepy Will open the door.

I smiled wide, he was surprised. I pushed him sideways with the bags and entered, I placed the bags on the counter.

“What are you doing here?” he asked with a surprise smile while closing the door.

“Well, I do know that you might not eat and you would just be so stressed out like the way you always are. So Just got some supplies and–” I said while removing the supplies from the bags, when I felt Will arms around my waist hard. He hugged me from behind. I froze. He snuggled on my neck and hugged me tight.

“Thank you…” He whispered in my ears. I smiled.

“Can I kiss you on your cheek ?” He whispered.

“No.” I said in cold voice.

He turned me facing me towards him. He squeezed my cheeks and kissed me hard on my left.

“Ouch!!!” I punched him.

“Oww..” He laughed

He pulled me in a hug slowly.. “Thank you.. Seriously.. I missed you.. So much. But I had to finish this you know.. I know you missed me too.” He said while resting his chin on my head.

“Who says I missed you..” I said coldly hugging him.

He pulled back.

“This!” He pointed towards the stuff. “Okay so what you making ?” He asked while opening a packet and eating some chips.

“You will see” I leaned on the counter, he smiled while munching, acting cute.

As I took a shower and changed into Will’s clothes, I started to cook and eyeing on Will as he studied on his desk. I soon was done, I made some chicken. I walked towards his bedroom, He was asleep on his desk.

I sadly smiled, he looked cute. I knelt front of him..

I touched his cheek “Will…Hey.. Dinner is ready.” I said softly while waking him up. He looked so tired and exhausted. I wanted him to take a break you know, He never did. He was very determined and strong willed. He never listened to me.

“Babe…” I called softly while caressing his hair. I soon realized what I had said. I never said that to anyone. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at me with a smile. He pulled me to sit on him. I locked my arms around his sleepy head. He continued to sleep in my arms.

“Hey comon.. Lets eat and then we can sleep..” I said softly rubbing on his hair. placing my chin on his head. He tugged on my waist. Comforting himself. He nodded. I pulled him towards the counter. We ate while Will talked, I listened. He was tired as hell. I don’t think he slept in these days.

We soon finished dinner, I let him sleep while I did the dishes. Once I was done, I walked towards the bedroom. I saw a baby sleeping. I smiled. I went to the other side and laid down under the covers. I slowly brought Will’s arm over my shoulder and rested my face on his chest. I tugged on his waist and closed my eyes. I soon felt he turning and hugging me in close embrace.. He kissed my forehead.

“Hmm..” I mumbled.

“Thanks for the 25 thousand dollars..Best Escort in my life.” He mumbled sarcastically in his sleep. I chuckled. We laughed. I pulled him closer to me.

“No problem.. You’re just in debt to me for rest of your life” I said closing my eyes..

He chuckled in his sleep. “I want you for rest of my life..” He said while drifting in sleep.

“Me too.” I said unconsciously.

We were in club. It was a Saturday night and Will wanted me to meet his girlfriend. Will completed his exams and was on a break for awhile. He had gone out with this girl on few dates. He liked her.

“Are you sure about this ?” I asked him

“Yes..just relax. Just calm down.” He said looking at me.

“Can’t you just date her without her meeting me ?” I rolled my eyes.

“Well…let me see. No.” He said smiling.

“urgh.” I sighed.

We went to the table and I met Angie. She looked very southern. Tanned skin, curly hair, wavy dress. She smiled and I smiled back. We didn’t talk much or should I say, I didn’t talk much. She explained how Will came to restaurant everytime and how she waited tables there. That’s how they meet. Will liked her, I saw how he caught hold of her hand every now and then. I felt a tense feeling building up in my chest. I soon zoned out of the conversation and stared at their hands.

“So how did you guys meet ?” She asked

I continued to stare at their hands, fingers intertwined.

“Kel…” Will called me.

“Yeah? Huh? What? Sorry?” I snapped back into reality with the loud music and the couple ahead of me.

“I asked where did you guys meet..” She said again. I saw Will looking at me. I know Will. I know what to say. I am not a kid. Asshole.

“Well..Umm..we go way back. We meet in a club and we soon realised we had a vibe and became friends.. We have known each other for more than 6 years now.. So yeah.” I said casually drinking.

“She helped me for a better life. Today I am here because of her…I can’t thank her enough.” He said looking at me. That just stabbed my heart. I felt a sting. I looked at him and gave a small smile.

“Well.. We helped each other.” I said narrowing my eyes on him. He sighed and nodded..

“so that’s a long time…you might have met many girlfriends of his..” she asked with a smirk

“Well, I do know most of the things but surprisingly No. You are the first.” I said with a smile. She was a bit surprised and I think flattered. She squeezed Will hands further. I looked at it again. I had to excuse myself.

“Excuse me..” I said while getting up and going to the washroom.

I sat there and removed a cigarette. I smoked in the cubicle. Stop it Kel. This isn’t the first time. He has slept with many girls before. He never hid from you. He always told you the truth then why are you getting irritated? Maybe this is first time I saw him being intimate with someone else. I wasn’t the one. I wasn’t the one with his hand on mine. I rubbed my head and smoked until I calmed down. Let it be Kel. He is happy. Let him be happy. He can never share this with you. What will I tell him, when I am the one confused ? I sighed and got up from my seat. I flushed the bud and washed my face. After a long while I exited.

I came out and stood at the corner for awhile when I saw Angie in a far corner. Her back was towards me..I saw Will talking to someone else. I saw her going into the back door. I walked slowly and opened the door. I glanced and saw Angie kissing another man. What the fuck.

She looked drunk. How long was I in there ? No, what the fuck. I walked back in and thought what should I do. I saw Will talking to some people around. No. Not him. Not him.

I looked at him, he looked at me. He mouthed me – What ? I didn’t say anything and I walked back out.

“Seriously ? Wow.” I said to them while I crossed my arms with anger eyes.

They stopped abruptly and looked at me.

“Kelly. I can explain. Listen. It is just a drunken mistake. Listen to me. I like Will. Really I do. But if you do say to him.. He won’t believe you. He likes me way too much.” She said walking towards me

“Wow….Really? You wanna challenge that? You saying that he will believe you and not me ?” I said scoffing

“Well…Yes. I know you have a thing for him. But move on. He is so over you. He likes me and if I beg him and cry my eyes out. He will chose me. So don’t even bother. Just stay where you are Kelly.” She said crossing her arms..

Damn she was a bitch.

“Wow..No remorse huh?” I stared at her.

Will followed me and came out after awhile later. He walked towards us. He was confused.

“What’s going on ?” He asked us while seeing us staring at each other.

“Let me burst your bubble.” I said smiling.

“Will. She was KISSING this man here. And I think you should BREAK UP with her.” I said in a straight voice, looking at her. All confidence in Will.

He looked at me and then at her. “She is lying Will. We were just talking. She just doesn’t like me I guess.. Do you really think I would do that to you ?” She said with her bamby eyes.

I looked at Will. He looked at me. We smiled at each other. She was confused. “Umm… I am sorry Angie..I don’t think we should meet anymore.” He said looking at her.

“What?” She said. “She is lying!” She shouted acting teary, reaching for his arms.

“Well.. She is not. I know her. And if she doesn’t like you then…maybe we really can’t go out. Next time don’t get drunk and kiss other guys…” he said while he walked away.

I stood there, looking at her. “What was that? He will chose me..? And I have to move on ? Well, I know who has to move on now. He will never leave me. Nor will I. Get that ?” I said while looking into her eyes and walked away.

We drove home. Will was silent. I knew he really liked her. I looked outside the window. “Will?” I asked looking out.


“You didn’t ask twice.” I said suddenly

“What ?” He asked being confused

I looked at him. “You didn’t ask twice. You didn’t doubt me. I took a wild shot. If you would have chose her, I didn’t know what to do. She said you were over me…” I said looking at him.

“I don’t have to doubt you. I trust you. I will always choose you. You chose me when I had nothing…And I don’t think I will be ever over you…” He said while looking over to me.

“Why??” I asked.

“Umm. I know you..And you’re family. You would never lie something like that. You’re important. More than girls…” he said with a smile.

I smiled looking down.

“Next time, don’t make me meet your girlfriend.” I said looking down at my fingers.

“Why not.” He asked looking ahead.

“I can’t take it.” I said. He looked at me. “I can’t see it.” I confessed while looking at window.

He didn’t say anything. He drove in silence. He reached for my hand. And intertwined his fingers with mine. I sighed..

“I won’t.” He replied, taking my hand towards his lips and kissing it gently.

“And I know you smoked.” He said straight forward.

“What? No!” I said looking at him

He looked at me with a smile. “I forgive you this time. But not in future again. Okay? That fucking thing will kill you.” He said looking at me

I looked at the window.

“Okay?” He asked again

Such an ass. Okay. I said with a smile.

The Escort – 8

Kelly Pov.

I groaned in my sleep when I didn’t feel any weight on my back. I opened my eyes slowly, It was 8 am. Whyyy.. Do I have to get up so early on a Saturday. Go to sleep Kelly. Just Sleep. I closed my eyes again. No sleep, Damn it. What’s with holidays and sleep ? I turned and saw Will sleeping on his side. Asshole. How can you sleep so calmly. I wasn’t gonna let that either.. I smirked. I sat up and grazed my finger lightly on his ears. He brought his hand up shoving it away. I trailed down to his nose. He frowned in his sleep while I was having a gala time. I slightly tickled him on his exposed neck. He scratched it and opened his eyes in a frown. I giggled.

“What the helll… Kell… Let me sleep. It is a saturday.. Please..” He begged while he turned his back on me.

“I can’t get sleep.. It is 8 am… Will get up!!” I shook his arm hard.

“Noo…” he said in his sleep. I sighed.

“Fine.. Sleep then. I am making some breakfast and you aren’t getting any.” I said whispering in his ears, leaning down.

He looked at me, “what you making?”

“Why do you care… you can sleep..” I rolled my eyes and looked ahead.

He reached for my arm, shaking it… “Tell me.. Please ?”

I looked at him hard and smiled – “Waffles….” I raised my one eyebrow.

“I am up!!” he said while sitting up almost instantly. I laughed.

“Lets go!” He said joyfully.

“I was kidding. I don’t know how to make waffles…” I laughed.

“What!?Then why did you say so!!” He said getting annoyed

“Just wanted you to get up… Seeing you all hyped up. I don’t think you can sleep again.” I smirked.

“You’re a bitch.” He snarled at me.

“I know…” I said with a smile

“That’s IT!” He said while he attacked me climbing above me, I tried to push him away while I laughed my heart out. He knew I was really sensitive to touch and tickled me hard.

“Stopp!” I choked on my laughter. I screamed and pushed him away with my fists. He didn’t budge.

“Stopp!!!” I yelled at him, catching on my breath.

“Stopp.. please stopp..” It was hurting, I gasped for air. He stopped. I breathed more calmly in a few minutes.

“You’re a fucking asshole.” I said breathing deeply, looking at him above. He bought his face near me, inches before me. Fear creeped on me. He was sitting on my waist with his hands on my sides. He caressed my forehead lightly and placed my hair strands behind my ears. We had a moment. He looked in my eyes, I felt he looked into my soul. I blinked.

“What you doing?” I asked softly raising my eyes. I was scared. My heart was beating fast and my hands were frozen on his chest. I looked in his eyes, He slowly leaned ahead and kissed my on my forehead.

I was surprised that he did that. I closed my eyes, clutching his arm. He stayed there for awhile, when I came to my senses. I pushed him away from me and sat up. I brought my hands, fingers intertwined together while I was understanding what happened few moments back. I felt Will coming closer and touching me by my waist. I pushed his hand away.

“You shouldn’t have done that..” I said softly pressing my temple.

“I know. But I did.” He rested his chin on my shoulder.

“You didn’t ask my permission.” I said in a cold voice.

“Do I have to ? Even now? After 6 years ?” he asked pulling back from my shoulder

I took a deep breath. I wish I could deny but it was true. I was still ill. I still was scared. I still needed time. I exhaled deeply while he waited. I stood up and crossed my arms. I turned to him – “Yes. You have too.” I said looking at him.

I knew he was hurt. He looked at me. We stood there in silence. He looked away and walked out of the bedroom. I sighed. I walked behind him.. “Will…” I said softly

“Don’t.. Don’t explain it. It is fine. It was my fault. I shouldn’t have..” He said looking at me

I breathed deeply. I walked towards him and slowly placed my arms on his waist and hugged him. His arms were to his sides. He didn’t hug me. I knew I hurt him. I knew I had to apologize. This is was all I could do. Make him know that I was sorry. I placed my head on his chest. I could feel his warmth.

“I am sorry, Will. I know I was a bit rude… You know I have a bad mouth. But I am still..I am trying..I know you care for me.. But I can’t.. Will. You’re my only family.. My only friend. Please don’t leave.. Don’t leave me..” I said softly closing my eyes. I felt his chin on my head and his arms around me loosely and then tighter… I breathed into his aroma.

I heard him chuckling. “I was just going to make some breakfast.. You didn’t have.. But I am glad to know that I am so important.” He said while laughing

I pushed him away. “Dick! I” glared at him. He smiled. I looked at him, and turned away walking towards my bedroom.

“What do you want to eat!” he shouted behind me

“Eggs and Bacon!” I smiled

Once we done with the breakfast, “What you wanna do today ?” he asked while doing the dishes. I stood side of him, reading my emails..

“Don’t you have work ?” I said while looking at my phone.

“I have a free day — ” He looked at me, He wiped his hands and pulled the phone from my hand.

“Will! What the hell! give it back!” I said while getting annoyed.

“Nope, You get the weekend for yourself.. No work.” He leaned on the counter. “So what you wanna do today?” He asked again while placing my phone in his pocket

I sighed looking at him. “Maybe we can take a picture..” I said looking down.

“A picture?” He asked raising my eyes.

“Yeah.. At the beach ?” I asked while looking at him

“Why the beach.?” He asked with frowned eyebrows.

“Because I wanna drown you in the sea.” I looked at him with no emotion

He rolled his eyes. “Ofcourse because the view! Dumb ass!” I snapped him on his head. “Ouch…” he said rubbing on the back of his head

“So you coming ?” I said while crossing my arms.

“Do I have a choice?” He said rolling his eyes and walked towards the bedroom.

I smiled.

I sat on the sand, caressing the sand gently with my fingers. I looked ahead at the waves. Hmm.. This is good. Someday, I would retire and buy a house here and sit and watch the sea everyday.. I loved the beach. It made me feel peaceful, calm and happy. It gave me peace. I felt the wind blowing across my face, the cool weather touching my skin. My fingers getting dirty with the sand. My face felt sticky with the humid. I felt so good. I wanted to be like this forever. I closed my eyes and placed my arms back, supporting me and feel the wind across my face with a smile

“I guess, someone is enjoying the moment.” I heard Will saying while he sat beside me

“Hmm.. I love it.” I said softly with a smile

“One day I will live here and watch the sea everyday. I don’t care when but I will. One day. Will you be there ?” I asked, turning my head towards him. He brought his knees closer to his chest and wrapped his arms around it. He looked ahead with a smile.

“Where can I go ? As you said I am your only family.. You’re my only family too.” He said without looking at me.

“I am sorry about your Mom.” I said sensing him missing his mom. His mom died a year later after we became friends. She died due a panic attack. She couldn’t breath. Will was devastated on her death. I was there. I saw it. It took a while but he moved on. I remember talking to him everyday and staying at his place almost everyday to comfort him. Just being there. Nothing else. He would be silent for hours but just give a slight smile once, That was making him better.

He told me that that was the longest time he went without talking and I would agree. Will wasn’t a person who kept quiet. I was the quiet one. But he did need silence. To feel better. I broke the silence among us.

“My dad used to bring me to the beach..” I said softly. I felt Will looking at me. I turned to him and smiled.

“My dad was very proud of me. I was always a studious kid. Always chose books over friends and hangouts. He used to tell me to go out often but it didn’t suit me. I never did fit there. I was youngest to score good in my exams. He always wanted me to prosper. I never knew mom, she died when I was five. She had a car accident. My father was my dad and my mom. I never felt the emptiness of my mom. My dad always used to take care of me. He used to work hard, but also never neglected me….” I said teary thinking about him. I missed him.

“How did he..” Will asked while he sat closer to me.

“Cancer. I tried everything.. at last he denied to fight. I didn’t give up.. he did.” I said looking down

He pulled his arm on my shoulder and pulled me closer. “I am here.. We have each other don’t we?” He asked looking at me.

“Hmm..” I nodded.

“Comon.. Dad won’t be happy if he would see his only daughter crying..” He said smiling, I sniffed and wiped my tears.

“Comon, lets take a picture.” He said while removing my phone and unlocking it. He kind of knew my password, as I said he knew everything about me. Almost everything. He stretched his hand with my phone above us with the beach in the background, I smiled softly, he took a picture. I looked at the picture again on the phone. It looked good. I am gonna frame this.

“It is good….Isn’t it ?” Will asked me, while looking at the picture.

“Yeah, I look good.” I said smiling wide. He made a poker face. I chuckled. “Of course! you look fine… ”

“Fine!?” He said pulling away

“No..no.. you look good.” I smiled.

We sat there looking at the sea, Will pulled me closer with his arm on my shoulder. After awhile I leaned my head on his shoulder. We sat there for hours.. until Will decided we needed to head back. I sadly agreed.

We soon were eating in a beach restaurant, “So… are you dating anyone?” I asked him casually. “Last time I knew, it was some college student.” I smirked.

He choked on his drink. “Nope, I have a lot on my plate right now. Not the food….but on the work side.” He said laughing. I chuckled too.

“Also the college student…That was way back Kel.. Two years ago.. I guess.. I have no idea where the hell she is. She was weird.. wasn’t she ? But She had good…” he gestured her ass. I rolled my eyes.

“Disgusting..” I said while forking my food.

He laughed.

“So don’t tell me.. You haven’t done it in all these years…” I said raising my eyes.

“Umm… It has been awhile. Been busy but sometimes one night thing at clubs or porn is always available. You haven’t said yes…. So…. How can I suppress my sexual energy. One good thing about escorting was that I did get good sex time to time..” He said casually.

“Shut up, You’re never going back to that.” I said to his teasing.

“Yes Ma’am” he said with a smile.

I nodded while eating my food. “You haven’t done in 6 years.. That’s what I know.” he said suddenly while eating.

I coughed, choking on hearing him. “That’s not true.” I said coldly

“Yeah.. Right.” he said while smirking sarcastically

“Just get a girl.. Date someone.” I said looking at him

“Okay. Will you ?” He said with a smile.

“Shutup.” I said with a cold stare

“Actually, there is a girl.. she works in a restaurant. Really pretty and sweet. Been talking to her for a few days.. Should I ask her on a date?” He asked me

“Of course..” I said nodding. “You need to get into a relationship because it would take your mind off me. I don’t want to be your victim of your sexual energy.” I said looking at him.

He laughed.

I would never let you out of my mind.” He said softly.

I looked at my food and smiled. Such an ass. 

The Escort – 7

Kelly POv

“Will, You dick!!” I shouted at him when he rushed to my bathroom when I was almost in. He jostled and closed the door on my face. I was banging the door with my fists.

“Oh comon Will!! I have an early meeting today! Get the fuck out! This is not your bathroom.. The other one is.” I sighed.

No response.

“Fuck!” I banged the door again! “Wil!!!” He opened the door suddenly.

“Asshole!!” I turned with shock, facepalming myself.

Will was confused. “What!?”

“Look down.” I said annoyed, rolling my eyes

“Oh fuck!” he cursed under his breath realizing he was naked. He bought his towel on his waist. “Done…” He said quickly.

I turned. “Get the fuck out.” I said looking at him getting irritated.

“You always do this! I have a meeting.. You have the other one…” I whinnied pointing towards the door

“But that’s so freaking small.. This is bigger. If you didn’t waste my time. I would have already been done!” He closed the door on my face. I closed my eyes, Oh god. I was counting to 10. 10….9….8…7… He made me crazy.

“10 Minutes Will!!!” I shouted.

It had been 6 years that Will and I were really close friends. We trusted each other. He was my best friend. Yes, My best friend. He knew almost everything about me and he knew me, for REAL. We grew close. I never knew I could have a best friend. He helped me in overcoming my condition. But I was still far to completely over come it.

I could tolerate Will touching me, even though he would ask permission. But no one else. Somethings changed, for example I started accepting, forgiving and the nightmares stopped. I started getting less startled when people accidently touched me. I stopped freaking out for no reason. I was getting calmer and actually normal.

Will, was almost done with his Phd. He would start his education degree and soon would be teaching. As for me, I was working hard and was the youngest female director to lead my department. I was happy, everything was turning back to normal. I wanted my life to be filled with happiness and I think it would happen soon.

Will brought the best and worst in me. He knew what triggers me and what softens me. He also knew that I was strong willed and didn’t take no for answer. So was he. I would always lose to him because of the obvious reasons. I needed him more than he did.

We were supposed to meet in a club at 10 PM, he was supposed to introduce me to some of his close friends. After being continuously nagged by him and whining by him, I gave in. I was an introvert. But he wanted me to meet them. So I just agreed.

I was almost done with my reports when I saw my phone ring – It was Will.

“Where are you ?” He said calmly

“Just leaving…” I said as I packed my bags and rushed out. Dix left, I told her so. Her children maybe waiting for her.  No one was in office but just me. I sighed..

“I know, I am late. But give me 15 mins.. I will be there. I am just getting out.” I said hurriedly while pressing the elevator button.

“Okay, I’ll be on.. Let me know when you reach the car.” He said calmly

“No.. It is fine.” I said relaxing

There was silence.. on the other side. I guessed it. “Okay fine..” I said rolling my eyes. Will really cared for me after I told him about my past. He wouldn’t back down if I wanted him too. It was annoying sometimes, but sometimes I was thankful that someone was there to see me if I was safe. It meant a lot to me.

“Someone there ?” He asked munching something

“Nope..No one. Everyone had weekend plans, I guess” I said while removing the car keys from my handbag.

“Are you in the club ? I can’t hear any music..” I said walking towards the parking lot.

“I am, Just came out through the back door.” He said while eating something

“Okay.. I’m in the car. I will see you there. Bye.” I said while I heard him saying bye. I hanged up and started my car.

Will was like this, Always. Considerate. He worried for me in ways that I didn’t feel. I felt special. He cared for me. No one cared for me in a long time. Except for Dix, she would be worried if I had eaten or If I am working late. She was a mom, she had a comfort vibe. Maybe that’s the reason I never let her go. I gave her a higher salary, holidays, free trips. She never asked me but I wanted her to stay with me. She would always know things way before I could even enter the building. She had my work sorted. She was my right hand, No one could take her place. She was the only one who I could talk too sometimes. But now there was Will.

He was balance in my life, he knew my mind and my actions. He was decent guy with higher morals. One thing I admired about him was he never stood down from his responsibilities or his promise. He always took a stand. Never backed down, however the difficult the situation was. He would never be panicked and solve it calmly. I never saw him get actually angry for 6 years.. which was surprising.

I entered the club, with my formal clothes. I removed my blazer and looked around. I found Will’s hand raised, calling me. I saw he was sitting with few friends. Oh god here we go… I took a deep breath and walked towards them. I was wearing a white shirt with blue trousers. I Pulled my sleeves to my elbows and opened my top button to breath more calmly. I smiled at Will.

“Sorry..” I mumbled to him, he stood up and took my hand. My palms were sweaty, I was nervous. I sat next to him, he felt my hand and looked at me. He leaned closer.

“It is fine.. Calm down.” He said calmly. I nodded with a small smile.

There were 5 pairs of eyes looking at me, smiling wide. “Guys, This is Kelly. Kelly these are my buds.. That’s Sam, Ken, Alex, Bella, Nikki.” I smiled at all of them.

I tried to remove my hand from Will’s hold but he held it tighter on his thigh and I looked at him and gave up. I had to admit it felt good. Less nervous.

They all started raining questions on me, while I was chuckling and answering their questions. It wasn’t as painful as I thought. they were common people, who loved each other’s company. I laughed at how they spilled beans of Will at their college times.

“Back then Nikki and Will were quite an item..” Said Alex while gulping his drink. I raised my eyes. Okay, that was a new information. I looked at Nikki, she was flushed. I looked at Will, he saw me apologetically. He leaned in closer to my ears.. “I was gonna tell that after they left..”

“It is fine..” I said placing my other hand on our hands placing on his thighs. He looked down surprised, I never initiated the touch, he smiled.

Sam looked at us. “So… Why do I think you guys are dating…” He sipped his drink.

“Well… We aren’t.. We are just good friends..” I said while chuckling at him

“Will, doesn’t take care of his friends like he does to you..” Bella eyed me narrowly

I laughed.. I looked at him.. “maybe then I am lucky.” I said looking at Bella.

“Maybe.” He said smiling at me. He bought his arm around the couch behind me. I leaned behind resting my head on his arm. He looked at me, surprised.

“Damn, What is with you ?” He whispered. He was surprised by my initiation from time to time.

“I am just tired..” I smiled at him. He nodded. His friends started talking among themselves as usual and Will was conversing with them from time to time. I on the other hand was looking at the dance floor and looking at a couple who were dancing sensually. The girl was moving her hands around the guy’s shoulders. The guy was holding her waist, swaying in motion. They looked intimate. I wanted that but could I ever have that ? I wanted someone to touch me like that, but I wasn’t able too. I sighed, sipping my drink, looking at them.

“Tough day?” Will asked me, eyeing me carefully

“Busy..but not tough..” I said while looking at the couple.

He followed my graze. “All you have to do, is ask…” He whispered.

“Huh ?” I came out of my thoughts. “What do you mean ?” I asked him.

He looked at me for awhile, then looked away. I guess he didn’t wanna repeat again. While I sipped my drink,  “I am scared.. If I do ask, It might come true.” I whispered under by breath.

Will was looking at his friends and laughing. I kept to myself mostly and listened to them and relaxed. I saw Nikki looking at Will, time to time. Maybe she misses her old love. She looked at Will with a different vibe and it was making me uneasy.

After countless drinks and hours later, we soon exited the bar and Alex, Sam Bella walked out saying their goodbyes. It was without question that Will and I would be going to my home. As most of the times, So I didn’t bother asking.. I removed my car keys from my handbag and looked at Bella. She was sloshed. She could barely stand. She hung herself on Ken.

“See you guys.. I’ll take her home…” Ken said while holding her and trying to stop a taxi.

“Hey Ken.. Maybe I should come with you..” Will said in concerned voice. My eyes widen and I turned looking at Will.

“No worries dude… I can take her.” Ken shrugged while replying.

“You don’t look either..” Will said holding his shoulder. That was so not true. Ken looked fine. Will turned towards me and walked closer..

“I need to go with them…I’ll drop Kelly off..” He said softly looking at my wide eyes.

“There is no need for that.. I see Ken can do that.. Why do you have to go ? I don’t think there is any reason.” I said looking at him with angry eyes.

“Kel, I need to.” He said coming closer. I looked at him, getting angry. I didn’t know why. Maybe his attention shifted from mine? Maybe I was no longer the important one? Maybe If I didn’t know that Will and Nikki were together once upon a time, I would much better than this ? Oh fuck it. I looked at him hard.

I didn’t say anything and walked away.

“Kel!” He shouted behind me.

I didn’t turn, let him do the fuck he wants.

“Kel!!” He shouted again.

I walked briskly towards my car and opened the door and drove home. I thought about it  while driving, was I being unreasonable ? Was I selfish ? Never I wanted anyone to do something for me? But Will did. I didn’t want it. But he insisted. I distanced myself since start but his determination to make be happy and safe was beyond my control. I soon started becoming used to it which was a problem. Specially at such times. He was my friend. Maybe I had to calm down and not think much.

I soon entered home, took a warm shower and slowly slide on my side of the bed. “Ahhhh…God…” Moaned in comfort, placing my hands on the soft mattress. This bed was so good. I really loved the soft mattress and warm quilt. I turned my back and closed my eyes.. I sighed. It has been a long day.

After a few hours, I heard my bedroom door open and enter the bathroom. Hmm…Will..I figured. I didn’t open my eyes, I continued to find my deep sleep. Soon after, I felt a depth on my left side of the bed. Will scooted closer to my back. He breathed hard. I had worn a satin short night dress, It was soft and I loved the feel on my skin. I felt his arm around my torso, softly then getting tighter.

“Hmmm” I mumbled allowing him in, going a bit back.

“I am sorry..” He whispered on my nape. “You’re right.. I didn’t have to go. It was just that.. I was worried.” He said sighing.

“Worried for her?” I said softly while closing my eyes.

“Yeah..” he answered. ” But I was wrong, Ken could have left her..”

“It is fine.. I was unreasonable.. You were just protecting your friend. I think she wants you back..I saw the way she looked at you today” I mumbled in sleep

He chuckled, “she is like that. I would never get back with her..”

“Why not…” I placed my hands under my head, cozily.

“Because she cheated on me..” He whispered. I remained silent. Figured.

“You awake…” he mumbled on my exposed skin, almost touching them with his lips.

“Hmmmm…. Just a little. Did you shower…?” I asked him softly in low voice.

“Yes.. Ma’am…” He chuckled.

“Let’s sleep..” I sighed. He nodded and grabbed me tighter, I felt him on my back and his face on my nape. I pushed myself back so that he could grab me comfortably. He spooned me, “That’s really soft…”He said while feeling my dress and torso.

“Hmm..” I mumbled while drifting to sleep. We soon were in close embrace while we slept. I didn’t get any nightmares while I slept with Will like this. It made me feel protected and safe.

He knew that.