Fresh air

Breath of fresh air, comes after awhile

You think it is gonna pass too soon

But stays for long.

You think its gonna never gonna change you

But changes everything.

A small smile, a small touch, a small look.

Everything does. You don’t see it now.

But soon you will.

And you won’t believe it anymore.



Its been awhile that I have been focusing on myself and it is been high-low process. It has a mixed feeling. Like some days I feel really motivated to do things I like, or accomplish something in my life. But some days, All I want is to sleep in bed all day.. And miss moments that I want to experience again. Which will never come back in my life. Why is it so difficult ?

They say time heals..

But I have been waiting and nothing major has happened..

Sometimes I think, I shouldn’t have ever got in this shit hole. But then I think that if I wouldn’t have – How the hell would I know and experience this and learn from it?

Someone who has anxiety and panic attacks.. I am taking every step one at a time. Slowly walking toward change and back to safety.

I don’t think I have been so damaged in my life.

I don’t.

Bas aur

Kyu aisa hota hai ki jise hum pyaar karte hai, usse humse pyaar nahi hota.

Kabhi kabhi lag tha hai ki kash main uss waqt usse baat nahi karti

Toh aaj usse pyaar nahi hota.

Bahuat ladke aaye phir bhi uski yaad aathi hai.

Kabhi kabhi lag tha hai ki Sab fake hai

Bas wohi saacha tha.

Kabhi lagtha hai ki mujhe Phir se waisa pyaar hoga?

Kabhi lagtha hai kyu hota hai aisa.

Kabhi lagtha hai ki main…


Sometimes we are confused ourselves to know what is the issue troubling us. We don’t seem to understand and be in utter confusion that leads us to stress and tension.

Take a break

It is okay to not have a plan.

It is okay to be the person not having everything figured out.

It is okay to be weak sometimes, you don’t have to keep together all the time.

It is okay.

Take some space away from things that trouble you.